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Modimolle Christian Academy School Photos

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Modicademy Year End Function 2018 The Grade R to Gr 7 Students

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Speeches – When I grow up

Students enjoyed their projects about the layers of the atmosphere.

Theme: The 5 layers of the atmosphere.

Special moments at Modimolle Christian Academy.

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2018 Limpopo Annual Oratory Event. We want to thank our parents for their constant support. It makes all the difference.

What better way to learn than to experience through experimenting. Mixing liquids

Oratory and poetry 2018.

Spring Day Celebrations @ Modimolle Christian Academy. Students created their own unique spring hats. Here are some of the little ones.

Modicats Adventure Camp 2018 @ Thaba Monate was an excellent learning experience.

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All children love drawing and limiting them to paper is “cramping there creativity style.” We spread out to a bigger canvas.

Some preview photos from Modicademy photo shoot

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Modicats Adventure Camp

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Modicademy Concert 2018

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The Giving Tree Concert Prep

We gave the children a challenge to pray where they want to bless the community.

Madiba day outreach. Students handed out scarfs to community members and prayed for them. With Albert Viljoen

All things work together for good @ Teacher’s got Talent 2018.

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Time to learn basic skills in the kitchen.

The reading pipes it helps with auditory perception and integration.

Learning about art and colour and learning about fractions.

Speeches: What am I curious about from Gr R to Gr 7

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Grade 1 students @ work.

Research and how to use the information.

Worship Mam Belinda taught us that fresh and salty water can’t flow from one spring. We need to watch our thoughts and minds and keep it pure. She demonstrated it with a volcano.

Leadership impartation at Koro Creek. What a blessing to be able to raise up the next generation of leaders.

In our Unit Studies we discussed what stepping stones we need in our lives and learning about fractions

The year of training team came to visit minister to us about the Godly Character Trait Inquisitiveness

Celebrating different cultures and learning through experience.

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Koinonia School of the Word for imparting God’s truth to our students.

Fun Filled week. Social studies, Sesotho Classes, Worship Garden, Visit from the Major.

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Second Term Welcome Back. Unit study Godly Character Trait Inquisitiveness

After a whole term of hard work, Modicademy students and teachers took a well deserved break

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The 3 R’s put together Reduce, Re-use and Recycle and Being creative with recycling

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Character Trait Wisdom and Theme Safety.  They are so young but already have the courage to present a speech in front of a group

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Audiblox classes with Albert Viljoen, where students develop their basic foundational learning skills

Claire was ministering to us about being WISE and making good choices. Like building our houses on the rock. Gr 4 – 7’s did a drama on this.

Train them young to lead by example. Leadership training and mentoring. Such a privilege to impart into the next generation.

School of the Word students visited Modimolle Christian Academy. They ministered to the pupils about our hearts that must be soft to receive from the Holy Spirit.

Parents introduced themselves and their families at the Parent Evening

SA Police visiting Modimolle Christian Academy

Athletics 2018 Modicademy had some SUPER STAR athletes

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Today We Celebrated Love, Wisdom and Safety

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The new Year Of Training 2018 student group visited

A visit by Advanced Paramedic Assist – APA to demonstrate safe strangers

We operate with a Buddy system where students care, guide and pray for one another

Practicing for Athletics

Character Trait Wisdom and Experiencing is Learning