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Modicademy is a life saver…no other words to describe it…
My son went from being judged and bullied to being accepted. Accepted for what and who he is.
He found a place where he fits in. He made friends for the first time in eight years.

He feels loved and appreciated. Best of all our very ‘afrikaans seuntjie’ speaks better English than his brothers and sister that is older than him. The endless singing in the bath every night and walking around in our garden praising God is truly my testimony that my son is happy and Modicademy provided that!

Wilfred Nkoana

We live in times where life is uncertain and shifts by very quickly. In such times as parents we are looking for schools that excel in preparing our children emotionally and mentally. In my experience as a parent of two children attending at Modicademy, I have found that the school provides a rich intellectual and emotional foundation for my children. It is indeed a an amazing school that instils a sense of confidence, self love, respect and good discipline to our children. Even better Christ is the centre of the academic development. I love Modicademy. Keep on doing the great work.

Matabane family

We relocated into Modimolle small town end of December 2016, and we didn't really know what good schools were there to take our children to. My son, Kgwerano went to another school but his needs were not attended to and his marks dropped. I then started asking around for a Christian private school and I was referred to Modicademy which he started this year January 2018. What an amazing school! I was impressed by the first meeting i had with the school principal; the way she noted with interest my son's academic needs and explaining the history of the school. The little ones even sang their school anthem to me.My son had reading difficulties and not too confident in narrating/reading stories. But since he joined Modicademy family, he is always looking forward to schooling, he reads way better, his self esteem has improved a lot, most importantly the learning environment is Godly and relaxed for easy expressions of different personalities. He narrates daily to us Bible verses they read at school. We are blessed with 4 children ( 2 boys, 2 girls) and our home motto is to bring up strong girls and kind boys. And Modicademy is polishing that as well. You are a remarkable motivated team of brains and I'm humbled to be part of the school.

Stay blessed army of God!

Henriëtte Oberholzer

The love and support for my daughters, Chantell and Luné in Modicademy are priceless. The teachers go above and beyond to help them in every way. The school provides a safe, nurturing environment for their students and encourage them through Biblical teachings and values to thrive. My daughters love the Praise and Worship and dance in school. The lessons are practical and there is no boredom in classes. The vision to give children a love for God and a love for learning are seen in my children’s lives. The children, teachers and parents function like a family and the School teach the children to help and love one another. We also use the school’s motto of Teamwork makes the dream work in our home.

Our daughters do not want to be anywhere else. They love going to school and that makes us very happy.

Thank you that we can be part of Modicademy!

Ouma Manamela

MY EXPERIENCE WITH MODICADEMY. My gut feeling from day one with Modicademy was that my son's life will never be the same if I followed my heart to enrol him there. I just told myself that God would lead the way, cause it was still a new school and nobody knew the future if it was gonna be a success or not. Today I'm writing a testimony on what a privilege it is to have George in Modicademy. The colours of the foundation phase class is so welcoming. The playgrounds and the entire school yard is perfect for a learning environment. The teachers starting with the principal Ma'am Lourin Viljoen.. I must say : "Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life!"... these words are an exact description of the principle at Modicademy. The woman is passionate about teaching and she is instilling best behavior in all the kids. As a teacher by profession myself I know one when I see one. She is the best. The manner in which she instills Christian values in our children is so heartwarming. The entire staff are really wonderful. Our kids have one on one learning with their class teachers which is not common in other schools. Physical education is so essential when learning. They go an extra mile to ensure that every kid gets involved in physical education which is very good for child development. Safety at a school is vital to me. Believe me, in two years I never had to leave my office or home because my child was injured or in any form of danger. I really applaud Modicademy. Our kids are in safe hands. Quality education. I'm certain my son's level of intelligence was sharpened by Modicademy. Yes, he was a smart boy from creche, but believe me - now he's excellent! Creativity and communication skills are developed. The extra work in the form of projects made our kids very creative and they have developed the ability to do presentations, which is a rare skill in a primary learning environment. Lastly the kids enjoy an environment where they are not bullied in any form. All the kids at Modicademy are almost friends, they get along so well and it's all thanks to a "Living like a family but functioning like an army" environment which the teachers and all staff have created for the kids.I think u should. The beautiful uniform. I really love the hats, shorts, and white and navy golfies, scarfs and beanies

Mamoraka Nancy Seshoka

This is what learning is about. We love having Miles in our school. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Modicademy for job well done and amazing results to my son Malesela, they call him Miles, My son started to join Modicademy school in the last quarter of 2016. Miles was a very shy somebody, reserved and lacking confidence. "Guess what" towards the end of the year 2016, meaning 3 months later I saw a little improvement. As I am standing now in October 2017, almost a year later "wow" I am extremely impressed: Miles is a public speaker, he gained confidence, has love for learning and is willing to learn, enjoy maths class and lastly he developed character in Christianity, Big thank you to Modicademy, Miles love the school with all his heart and we as a family we provide support, we are following the "motto" we live like a family and we function like an army. God bless. Thank you for this testimony

Albert Viljoen

It makes me happy to see my wife thriving as the principal of our school. Modimolle Christian Academy. Lourin home educated our own children. Although she is a qualified teacher, this equipped her to teach in a practical way. She always said that a child needs only two things: a love for God and a love for learning. Today it is our mission statement! After training 400 people to use the Audiblox Learning Skills Programme, we equipped parents to develop their own children's learning skills for over 20 years. We integrate all these learning skills in our weekly programme at our school. E.g., concentration is a skill that needs to be developed at home. If a child is not expected to listen to a parent at home, he or she will not listen to a teacher in class! Clever doctors will diagnose such children as ADD or ADHD and prescribe medication for this "disease." The only PILL that will work is the GOSPEL! The fact is, a child learns to respect authority at home. If your child is taught to listen when you speak, you are a good parent! Well done! (Please listen when your child speaks too...) Doctors did not make children. God did. Let's go back to the manual. The Bible says: "When the foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child, the rod of correction will drive it far from him." (Proverbs 22:15.) Medication can never do what loving discipline does. The emotional need for safety and security is met by fair, consistent and loving discipline. These days you get very obedient parents and children with concentration and learning difficulties.... Do you see why? We train parents to be Godly leaders of their homes. We love family life. The world will experience God's character by looking at godly families. At this point we have only 19 children in our school. This school doubles up every year... We train tomorrow's leaders today... We live like a family but we function like an army!