2017 / 2016

Year End Function 2017 Where The Students Receive Their Certificates, Medals & Prophetic Words

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Year End Function 2017

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Field Trip To The Airfield & Panarottis Family Bela-Bela Visited Us

Audiblox Develop The Basic Foundational Learning Skills That a Child Need To Learn Effectively

Time of Prophetic Worship and Martin Van Vuuren Connect With The Students

Theme Floating Sinking Boats and Ships

Students Planned and Built Their Own Solar System and Planets

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Annual Limpopo Debate and Oratory Set off 2017

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In The Book of Matthew Students Learnt About The Baptism Of Jesus And Multiplication Of The Bread And Fish

Starting Term 3 With Holiday News And Hard Work

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Concert Time

Students Presenting Speeches On Animal Classification

We All Built Volcanoes and Explained and Demonstrated How they Function

Filled With a Passion For His Kingdom. Aiming At It Like An Olympic Athlete