The students loved exploring and there were lots of “aha” moments.

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Spending time in the Word of God. Learning about His love, from the chapter of love. 1 Corinthians 13.

Building 3 Dimensional shapes in Math class

Students are inspired by the Character Trait, Resourcefulness. Starting to build shelters

Modicademy Concert 2019

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Spelling Bee Term 3 and Oritory Event 2019.

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Assembling Go Carts while learning about automobiles.

Speeches, Inventors and Inventions.

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Modicats Camp 2019.

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New Godly Character Trait. Resourcefulness. Students created new inventions.

From Maths, Occupation of a salesman, to Tennis.

Spelling Bee 2019 Term 2.

Science Expo, Speech on the topic of bacteria.

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Challenge where they had to carefully show each part of the body.

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Students enjoying a team project about the human brain.

Constructing 3-dimensional shapes. Learning about faces, edges, vertices. 

Leaders of 2019 We are very proud of you.

Exciting week with maths, own creations and teaching.

Modicademy After Care activities.

The students are learning about organs in a human body.

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Speeches: The organ I can’t live without.

We had a brilliant day at the 2019 Athletics. The Private Schools and Home Schools in our Limpopo region participated.

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Spelling Bee 2019 Term 1

Ma’am Wendy and Ma’am Ger-Marie teaching the Gr 1 students about Mrs Plus and Mr Minus.

School Growth from 2016 to 2019

Learning about the skin, and the skeletal system.