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Are you “soft skilled”?

Our world is rapidly changing and the employment market of the near future will demand fewer hard skills, since technical tasks are taken over by computers. For that reason, educators should be leaning harder building essential foundational “soft skills” – communication, observation, empathy and logical thinking. These skills are as valuable and necessary as skills doctors use in surgery. They are essential because we need them every day. They are the foundational skills that allow us to learn and live and work productively with others. They are the skills that determine our chances of succeeding.

At Modicademy we take the time to prioritise and cultivate these essential skills. Students might be writing a report about history, but they are developing important skills by doing it. The content of a report doesn’t matter that much in the end: students are developing skills in research, critical thinking and written communication in the meantime.

We need people who can adapt and it takes time to cultivate the essential skills that enable adaptation. It is an investment worth making – because these skills will be worth even more in the years to come.