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[text tag=”h1″ typography=”Text {text-align: center;}”]Audiblox learning programme develops the basic learning skills.[/text]

[text tag=”p” css=”display:block;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;font-style: italic;}”]What are the basic learning skills?[/text]

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  • Laterality
  • Concentration
  • Perception
  • Pattern recognition
  • Integration
  • Long term memory
  • Short term memory
  • Memory in sequence
  • Auditory perception
  • Eye span
  • Visualisation
  • [/text]

    [text tag=”p” css=”display:block;” typography=”Text {font-weight: bold;font-style: italic;}”]WE CONDUCT A LEARNING PROGRAMME EVERY WEEK FOR ALL OUR LEARNERS[/text]

    [text tag=”p”]These skills need to be automatised in order for effective learning to take place.

    To prevent any learning difficulties, we do Audiblox in our classes on a weekly base.

    It starts with different exercises with coloured blocks, and later the blocks are replaced with letters and words.

    We have seen amazing results of children starting to read books because now they could read easily.

    You will learn well if you read well. Our vision is to give children a love for God and a love for learning…[/text]

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