2019 Gallery ModiKittens Pre-School

Modikittens @ play.

Love, focus, excitement and eagerness on some Pre-School faces.

The ModiKittens are close to our hearts.

The preschooler’s were taught the basic skill of spreading bread and even cutting bread. Exploring Gods creation.

Some very happy Pre-School and Gr R faces.

Modikittens Christian Academy Year End Function 2018

Little ModiKittens having fun and learning about soil.

Pre-School and Gr R enjoying Make and Bake day.

Pre-Schoolers learning about different shades and tints of the same colour and baking

Little ones camping @ the school. Having lots of fun and their own adventure with the Gr R’s

Pre-Schoolers busy creating. The “process” is FAR more important than the “product.”

Strengthening hand muscles and improving bilateral hand skills, cooking, making wild animals.

The Pre-Schoolers are inquisitive. They explore and learn about God’s creation and loving every moment of it.

Sport and fun event for the little ones at Kleinmagetryn

Learning about the heart, veins and blood. Jesus shed His blood so that we can be set free

Pre Schoolers creating faces, writing their names and learning by experiencing through their senses

We looked in the mirror to see how God made us and focusing

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Gross Motor Skill Development

Pre Schoolers Are Creative and Having Lots of Fun At The Same Time