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In an exciting new venture, Modimolle Christian Academy (MODICADEMY) received their first high school students in a virtual environment, offering CAPS Curriculum. CAPS will be conducted in English and Afrikaans.

Each student has their own space and works at their own pace with online tutors to assist them.  CAPS Curriculum is covered and explained in an exciting and engaging way.

We want to produce young adults who are innovative, creative and independent in their thinking, who have courage, perseverance and resilience and who believe in themselves. We believe strongly that thinking is one of the most important skills a child can be taught.

We have so much information at our fingertips, but we need to learn how to use it creatively in order to use this information to plan, design, strategize and execute.  Instead of being forced to turn off devices and pack them away during school, we encourage students to utilize it to enhance their learning experience by accessing the highest quality of content available.

For generations we have grown up in classrooms where we learnt the same information at the same pace, regardless of our interests or needs. Global interconnectivity through technology has transformed the world, and yet many of our schools are still following traditional teaching methods.

If students work digital, they can quickly advance in subjects that interest them most, and get as much help as they need in more challenging areas.  Students need an environment which is conducive to learning, a smart device and an internet connection. Voilla!

Our high school students are an integral part of the DNA of MODICADEMY and at the same time they have the opportunity to excel individually in their academics with digital support and online tutors.

Our school is a Think Digital College Learning Centre. Think Digital College is registered at SACAI. SACAI is the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute and follows the requirements from learners to obtain the National Senior Certificate.

MODICADEMY accommodates students from Pre-school to Grade 12.  We have integrated an excellent learning skills program into our weekly activities, as we know that the basic learning skills are inevitable in reading, writing and arithmetic.  We incorporate sound pedagogy and state-of-the-art technology to foster creativity, growth and learning.

From Pre-school to Grade 6 we follow the KONOS unit studies to develop Godly character traits in our students.  We include experiential learning, because EXPERIENCE IS LEARNING, ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST THE GATHERING OF INFORMATION.  From Grade 7 to Grade 12 the students are part of the group dynamics of the school, while they also work individually at their high school curriculum by thinking digital. Own space, own pace…

We focus on leadership and character development as we see the desperate need for strong leadership in our country.  We develop entrepreneurial skills in our students to prepare them to create job opportunities rather than looking for a job. The sky is the limit!

We instill Godly values in our students. We believe in building strong relationships as we live like a family, but function like an army.  Our vision is to give students a love for God and a love for learning.

“Come to me children, let me teach you the fear of the Lord.” Psalm 34:12.