Modimolle Christian Academy

is a registered Independent Private school, EMIS nr: 991104207, with Aftercare and Boarding Facilities.


  • Clean and neat uniform
  • Boys’ hair may not hang over the ears and the fringe may not
    touch the eyebrows.
  • Boys’ hair must be trimmed evenly. Height no higher than 2cm.
  • Girls’ hair must be tied up securely against the head if hair is long and touches the collar.Braids are allowed, braided tails must be tied and not hanging over the eyes and in the face.
    Braids may only be the colour of the hair.
  • Only white, navy or turquoise ribbons & beads will be
  • Clips, hairbands and scrunchies must be white, navy or
  • Clean black school shoes. Barefoot is also allowed during
  • Students are allowed to wear school shoes or tekkies with the
    tracksuits in winter. Tekkies must be white, black, turquoise or navy or a combination of those
  • With grey pants only school shoes are allowed (no tekkies).
  • No jewellery allowed, except for a watch, silver or golden stud or small ring earrings and a
    signet ring.
  • No T-shirt / vest may be visible under the school shirt.
  • Shirt must be tucked in at all times.
  • No make-up allowed.
  • Nails must be kept clean, neat and short at all times. Nail polish is not allowed.
  • Boys are allowed to wear long, grey pants in winter