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Term 2 / 2021

Dear Modicademy family.

What a blessing this term was. We could experience the protection and the peace of our Lord.
“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects the wind to change. The Leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

It is such a privilege to be able to keep to our 2021 calendar. The winter holiday will be a debriefing opportunity to the students,
teachers and the families.

• On Wednesday, 30 June, the school will close @ 11h00. The children may bring snacks to school to enjoy.
The students will celebrate the last day of school by wearing their favourite pajamas and no school bags are needed on the day.
• There will be remedial classes with specific students on Wednesday 30 June in the afternoon and on Thursday 1 July.
These arrangements will be communicated to specific parents by the class teachers.
• On Wednesday, 30 June, the Gr. 4-6 group will have a “Five Rand Entrepreneur’s Day”
• To inspire our students to become entrepreneurs, we encourage the students to support the Gr 4-6 class. All items will be sold @ R5.00
• All books are left at the school during the school holiday.
• Please check your children’s stationary and “refill” if it is needed.

The aftercare will close on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 @ 17:00. There will be no aftercare on Wednesday or during the holiday.
Please make transport arrangements to collect the children at the school on Wednesday @ 11h00.

South African Literacy Associan
We are proud of all the students who participated in the “South African Literacy Associan” event.
The following students reached the semi-final in Term 3. We are proud of your hard work! Well done!!
Pieter du Toit, Dané Pretorius, Adriaan Groenewald, Karabo Bokaba, Kgosietsile Malebe
Cultural Festival: Eugene Marais primary – Entries close 30 June. Contact Ma’am Martene for more information
if you are interested to enrol your child.
Unit Studies: This past term we focused on the Godly Character Trait, Cooperation.
The theme was the Human Body. In Term 3 we will continue with Cooperation in the family and community.
Scripture: “You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it” – 1 Corinthians 12:27
Definition: Working well together.

Term 3 will start on 26 July 2021.

Due to the new Covid results the Principal will be in communication during the holiday if the term dates might change.
We trust that we will be able to stick to our 2021 calendar. This far God protected us. We are extremely thankful.

Take note of the following important dates for Term 3:

Term 3: 26 July – 22 September

The long weekends are as follows:
9 August: Public holiday
10 August: School holiday

The following dates are applicable for Gr R – Gr 6.
The Think Digital students will receive their own dates.
Culture Festival: 2 – August
· Contact Martene for more information.
Modicats Camp: 5 & 6 August
· From Grade 4 only, we will arrange a visit to Kranskop Mountains; more information will be confirmed by the Principal after term 3 started,
because we will keep Covid regulations in mind.
Speech: 6 September

Speech Topic: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Please start preparation in time.
Poetry recital: 13 September
· Students will receive a poem to practice. They will be given opportunity to recite their poems.
Poems will be pasted in the poem- or homework books.
Book report: 17 September
• Each student from Grade 3 – 9 must complete a book reports each term, and this term is no exception.
You will receive more instruction from your child’s teacher.
Spelling Bee: 20 September
· Students need to study the chosen spelling words for the term to compete in the Spelling Bee competition.
It is always an exciting event, with amazing prizes to be won.
Remedial Workshop: 23 September
· Class teachers will communicate with individual parents.

The following students and staff must enjoy their birthdays during the holiday:
• Phutego Masibe – 9 July
• Leano Lebakeng – 10 July
• Principal Lourin – 11 July
• Ma’am Lianza – 16 July
• Nardos Arega – 16 July

Let us end the term strong by doing our BEST and God will do the REST.
Make a field trip and spend some quality time at our lovely town library this school holiday, it is nothing but WONDERFUL
time well spent with the family.

God bless every family.
Albert, Principal Lourin and the Modicademy Dream Team!