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PROCESS OF REGISTRATION                Download Prospectus PDF
Entrance Procedures:

1.1   A completed Application Form with a non-refundable once-off R200 admin fee per learner must be handed in at the Admin office. Please use learner’s name as reference with EFT or pay cash at office. Please ensure that all relevant sections are completed and that all relevant documents, as stated on the Application Form, are attached.

a. You will be advised telephonically whether your child has been accepted at Modimolle Christian Academy. You will receive a Registration Form that needs to be completed, where after the Registration fees and Book fees are payable. In future you will use your child’s name and surname as reference when payments are made.
b. If needed, a School Readiness Evaluation learner must be done by our Remedial Department. Appointments can be arranged by parents. If any further evaluation is necessary it will be discussed with the parents. Learners can be requested to write a Mathematics and English evaluation at Modimolle Christian Academy. Bill to be paid by the parent/medical aid.
1.5  Upon registration by a Parent, or during any time while the learner is being educated by Modimolle Christian Academy, the school reserves the right to verify a Parent’s history with any Credit Bureau and to provide a Customer’s personal information for this purpose. Modimolle Christian Academy reserves the right to use the Parent’s personal information for purposes of collection of all outstanding school fees.

1.6   Modimolle Christian Academy is a school with high academic standards but also makes provision for learners who need extra attention. Remedial classes are available after school hours for such learners at additional cost to parents.

1.7   There is no discrimination against race, language or religion, however parents and learners must be able to identify with the Christian ethos of the school. Learners must be willing and capable to be taught in English.

1.8   Annually, at the beginning of the last term of the year, the parent applies for re- admission for the
following year based on the following:

 All Demerits as well as Merits
 Academic achievement
 Regular payment of school fees
 Parents may be requested to attend an interview with the Board of Directors
 Book fees for the following year will have to be paid in October to ensure that we receive our orders in time for the new year.

1.9   Requirements for foreign students – In terms of section 13(1) of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002 – all foreign students who are enrolled at South African schools must be in possession of a valid study permit authorizing them to study at the said institution. Application must be submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mokopane. Tel No (015) 491-3111


A. WE LOVE GOD: We choose to put the Lord Jesus Christ first in our lives. His glory follows His order. We seek His kingdom first in everything we do. We are His disciples and we follow His Word.
B. WE LOVE LEARNING: We love to learn new things, to read and to explore nature. The world is our classroom.
C. SAFETY: Your little finger reminds you of little children, and we remember to play safely not to hurt them.
D. COMMITMENT: Our ring finger reminds us to be committed to our team in the class. We live like a family but we function like an army!
E. RESPECT: Our middle finger is the longest finger. It teaches us to show respect to authority. We respect ourselves, our fellow learners and leadership in our lives.
F. ACCOUNTABILITY: Our pointing finger points to our chest. We are accountable to one another. It means that the one next to you can count on you and you on them. Team work makes the dream work!
G. ENCOURAGEMENT: We put a thumb up and we say: “SHARP!”. We choose to encourage one another and build self-esteem.


On acceptance of the learner to Modimolle Christian Academy it is important for the parents to be familiar with the information given below.

3.1.1 All school fees will be paid by the Parents in accordance with the fee structure as adjusted from time to time.

3.1.2 School Fees can be paid in the following manner
 Once off at the beginning of the year.
 On the first day of each term.
 On the first day of each month.

3.1.3 Interest on outstanding school fees will be calculated at 2,4% per month of fees in arrear of 60 days or more.

3.1.4 Excluding the school fees, a once-off, non-refundable registration fee and administration fee per child is payable. The application will not be accepted unless the registration fee and administration fee has been paid.

3.1.5 Parents are liable for any additional costs in regard to sport equipment, educational needs as well as a stationary list per grade which will be provided after registration.

3.1.6 Parents will be held responsible for all legal costs pertaining to any school fees not paid.


3.2.1 Parents are to give one term’s written notice of their intention to terminate the Learner’s education at Modimolle Christian Academy irrespective of the reason why the Learner is leaving.

3.2.2 This written termination must be handed to the school principal on the first day of the month the learner intends to leave the school.

3.2.3 The school retains the right to collect all outstanding school fees and/or interest if the Parent neglects to notify the Modimolle Christian Academy in writing of his intention to terminate school attendance.

3.2.4 The school retains the right to ask a Learner to leave the school if it is obvious that the Learner can’t comply with the ethos of the school. Parents will be consulted and requested to find alternate educational facilities.

3.2.5 Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the school and be positive towards the education of their child/ren.


3.3.1 The ethos of our school is Christian. Parents and Learners must abide by the ethos of the school at all times.

3.3.2 All lessons in the Junior Primary Phase (Foundation Phase) are presented to a Learner in either English or Afrikaans. Thereafter the medium of instruction changes to English.

3.3.2 All lessons will be taught in accordance with the School Syllabus with
enrichments added if and when necessary.

3.3.3 Where possible extra assistance will be given to learners. Parents are requested to assist the school where and when necessary. Extra mural Audiblox remedial classes are available to establish the basic learning skills of our learners. This excellent service is outsourced for the bill of the parent.


All disciplining of learners will be dealt with by the school principal. Disciplining, expulsion, suspension etc. will all be handled in accordance with the Christian ethos and the Rules and Regulations of the school.


Modimolle Christian Academy generally follows the National Department of Education’s
School holiday time table with some exceptions.


08h00 – 13h00


The arrangements for the transporting of children to and from school remains the parent’s responsibility. Parents are also to arrange all after-hour activity transport.


Available at Jimmy’s Sport & Cycle, Modimolle.

Summer uniform:
Boys: White and navy embroided gholf shirt, navy shorts, grey socks, with black school shoes.
Girls: White and navy embroided gholf shirt, navy short or skirts with short navy ski pants and white socks.
Shoes: Black school shoes although not compulsory during summer.

Winter Uniform:
Embroidered school track suit.
Shoes: Black school shoes or takkies.

Contact person: Raaitjie at 014 717 5685/082 343 4395.


It is important for every child to develop spirit, mind and body.
Therefore we encourage our learners to take part in both sporting and cultural activities.
All arrangements and costs involved remain the responsibility of the parents.
Please remember to inform the teachers at school about any extra-curricular activity your child is taking part in.

Tennis Selma Joubert 082 775 7110
Golf Morné Engelbrecht 083 356 4834
Swimming Michelle vd Walt 078 334 4084
Horse riding Marietjie vd Merwe 082 416 1372

Guitar lessons Cara Viljoen 082 435 3662
Music/drama/arts/dance Hannes Oosthuizen 072 635 0402


Under no circumstances may any child leave the school grounds during school hours without permission from the office.

A staff member will be on duty on the playground from 07h15 in the morning. Any injury or problem experienced on the playground will be reported to the office immediately.

Learners are nominated as monitors. A monitor is responsible for reporting any irregularities on the school grounds to the office immediately.


School camps and field trips are all part of our curriculum. All learners are encouraged to be a part of these excursions so as to widen not only their academic scope but also to improve their social and behavioral skills. The world is our classroom. Plans and information will be provided long in advance and costs are to be carried by the Parents. Obviously these trips are planned on a strict budget and the school does not gain any financial benefit from the money collected.


Payment can be made as follows:
 ADMINISTRATION FEE: (Once off, non refundable) See School Fees on the Website or Contact the office.

 REGISTRATION FEES: (Once off, non refundable) See School Fees on the Website or Contact the office.

See School Fees on the Website or Contact the office.

 LOGISTIC FEE: 2017: See School Fees
2018: See School Fees on the Website or Contact the Office @ 073 181 8006

 STATIONARY LIST: Each grade has its own requirements for stationary. The list will be provided after registration. Please see that your child is equipped with the necessary stationary.


A. School Fees are payable within the first 7 (seven) days of the month.
B. If a parent has not paid the school fees by the seventh of the month, the parent will
be contacted via a telephone call from the administration office.
C. A written commitment, on a prescribed form available from the admin office, must be submitted before the fifteenth of the month to the admin      office to be discussed by the Board of Directors,
D. After perusal of the written commitment the Board of Directors reserves
the right to request a meeting with the parent.
E. Should the written commitment not be accepted by the Board of Directors, the following
procedure will be applied :
F. The Parent/s will be handed over to Credit Worx for collection of all outstanding
school fees.
G. The Board reserves the right to request the parents to remove the learner from
school until all fees are paid.
H. The learner will not be allowed to sit for his/her examinations.
The learner’s results / report card will not be handed over until all outstanding
school fees are paid.
I. Interest on all outstanding school fees will be charged at 2,4% per month, from the first
month that school fees are outstanding.
J. The school policy requires a term’s notice if a learner is going to leave The parent will however still be liable for the outstanding fees.