Modimolle Christian Academy

is a registered Independent Private school, EMIS nr: 991104207, with Aftercare and Boarding Facilities.


Credit should always be given where and when is due. This is Mev. Lianza Muller, Georgie’s Think Digital Grade 7 teacher, the woman 7 days a week is forever and kindly there to explain to the kids and Us Born before Technology what should be done, especially now during exams, assignments and homework. All with the most patient and kindness in her voice. I must Admit I’m one of those parents, extremely strict and I always push for work to be done from Georgie and sometimes with my Not so kind and noisy tone!!! But I’m telling you she will be as down as possible. Your one of the Calling teachers Not the it was the Only faculty left for registration. I definitely salute her!!!


I am Grateful, and will be Forever Grateful for Leading Kuhle to become a Leader in her own right… You saw something deep in her that I could not see as well. You invested in the Vision God Revealed to you concerning Kuhle through Fruits of the Holy Spirit and Through Quality Education of TD and The Modi-Academy Values. You became patient with her until we all saw the abundant harvest of the Seeds you Planted in her Life.Thank You Very Much for opening up my Spiritual Eyes concerning Kuhlez Future that God Almighty Planned for Her. You are Really and Truly Women of the Most High God in Christ Jesus. You never ceased to Pray for Her and Care for Her in all costs, as you saw the Vision of God in her Life clearly. Your Apostolic Holy Spirit Ministry is Greater, and evident in our Children that Partake in the Vision of Your School. Your School is not Ordinary, it a Vision of God and a Miracle for us Parents. I thank Holy God Almighty for making me to Choose your School for my daughter. And I Thank My Sister and beloved Colleagues Ausie Ouma for advertising the school to me. She was God sent Angel in my Life. Ke A Leboga, Ndolivhuwa, Enkosi Kakhulu, Khentsile, Inkomo. Ek is baie dankbaar. To The Owners of the School, Principal, All Teachers, School Mates and All Parents for so Much Love, Care and Unity in the School. I will forever advertise Modi-Academy School…


Appreciation to Modicademy during this difficult and challenging year, during Covid 19, Modimolle Christian Academy was the best school to be in as the school was well organised, the lessons were structured and the school always had hope and never gave up. I always look forward to go to school every morning and I appreciate the fact that the school apply the principle, “Love God and love learning.” This is my testimony that I am grateful to give.

Wynand van Niekerk

Please allow us to pass our gratitude to Modicademy in the tremendous work they’ve done and continue to do so ever since we’ve enrolled our daughter, Tsakani, with them.In them we’ve seen a great growth in our daughters emotional intelligence, along with well build character that is being groomed under the guidance of Christ and the teachings therefor in the Bible. We’ve seen her academic performance getting better and best each day, her interest in school work and how fond of learning she has become. The love, care and support we have received from the educators and extended staff has been admirable, and not forgetting the effort put in during the pandemic. We have been far more blessed and highly favored to be graced with an institution like Modicademy and the calibre of its staff.


It is with great pleasure from us to writing this letter to your goodselves in appreciation of our tremendous improvement in the academic and life in general of our son Junior Makalla. We really don’t know how to thank you for your dedication, patience, love and caring that you have shown to our son Junior. We have witnessed many changes in the life of our son Junior Makalla and since he joined your School at the beginning of this academic calendar year. Junior started to be interested in his books, listening skills and life in general. He is so happy being at Modicademy and we are all looking forward that, he completes his Junior studies that side. We really appreciate everything from you and looking forward to interacting with you in all future endeavours. We shall continue praying that our good Lord continues to blessing him.

Makalla family obo Junior Makalla

We truly are blessed having registered Nqobile and Morena at Modicademy. We have observed our precious children growing more and more not only in the Intellectual aspects but equally on the Spiritual front as well. The children are the epitome of Proverbs 9:10. As King Solomon said; without God, all is vanity.

Mahlangu's Family

When Isabella started her formal school training, she had difficulty sitting down, concentrating and completing tasks. She had difficulty making friends and were always excluded from the group. Beginning of this year, we were told that she is disruptive in class and it would be better if she was homeschooled. We decided to go see Lourin and discuss Modicademy as an option. We were embraced with love in a homely atmosphere. Everything was so colorful and happy that we felt right at home! We were told that it is more important for Modicademy to grow healthy, happy and God-loving children that want to learn, than teaching children how to just read and write. I knew from the get-go that Isabella will be loved as one of their own children and that she will matter and be accepted for who she is. Since she started beginning of the Second Term (2019) she has blossomed into the loving and carefree child she was, before starting her formal education. We were both so excited that first day we almost skipped into class!! The most important thing for me is that she will feel and be accepted, but most of all, have a love for God that envelopes everything she does. She sings praise and worship songs and can’t wait to tell me about her day. There is no place that would have cared for and invested in Isabella more than Modicademy and we are blessed to have her there.

Fourie family

We’ve discovered that Modiacademy school is the right school because it meets our needs concerning behavior and learning capabilities of Neo. We very grateful to be part of Modiacademy family.

Joyce Makhubele.

The most amazing thing about our school community is how welcoming both teachers and students are to any new students. Modicademy has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our child to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Modicadamey provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family-type environment.

Abbatemarco Family

My kids are very happy in the school. They love every minute of learning and always looks forward to being there. My kids are growing in love whilst learning and in Christ which is the best foundation and investment one can make for their kids. The teachers love what they do and are passionate about their jobs. I could not have made a better choice for my children.

Thabitha Malebe

My experience with Modicademy is so amazing incredible. Modicademy has nurtured my son with the word of God and the power of education, he’s grown spiritually and academically and very responsible with his life, I am so grateful with the amazing educators we have, with all the love, care, support, and patience, may the good Lord continues to bless you all and His light to shine all throughout …Amen


We are happy with the decision to enroll Tidimalo at your school. She was a quiet child with no confidence and low self-esteem. But since February this year, I can see that she got confidence and the communication is much better. One thing I will like her to do more is to have friends she doesn’t have friends she is always indoors. But at school she has friends. But so far so good with her. And her English I see the improvement.

Dikeledi Ramela

We’ve discovered that Modicademy school is the right school because it meets our needs concerning behavior and learning capabilities of Neo. We very great full to be part of Modicademy family.

Joyce Makhubele

As a parent of Modicademy I can say for certain that my child is in the right school. The effort and love that goes into each child are greatly appreciated and reflect 100% in her life. She changed from a scared uncertain little girl to a singing, outgoing and confident student.

Janine Pretorius

First I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to tell the staff at Modimolle Christian Academy how thankful I am for impacting my son’s life and us as a family. My son loves school so much. Before Modimolle Christian Academy he loved school, but not as much as he loves Modicademy. He enjoys his homework, he is confident and he loves taking charge especially with his little sister and friends. A few weeks ago a friend of mine he never met before could not believe how well-spoken and mannered he was. I am a very proud mother. Without Modicademy I do not know where my son could have been. The staff at Modicademy; we really, really see your efforts and great work. Please keep it up. I do not have silver and gold, but I will continue to pray for you all; Mr and Mrs Viljoen and the staff. You are awesome, you teach, you care, you nurture. You all made an impression that will last far beyond my son’s years of learning. Thank you, we really, really are a family

Mr and Mrs Kgomo

Tumisho is extremely happy. The past weekend we were driving back home, she told me about lot of in the new and old testament. My sister has already given her the name Pastor Tumi. She is spot on with her work. I once asked her whether she wants to go back to Tzaneen, quickly she said no. Her performance has changed dramatically. In Tzaneen she had problems with having bad company of friends so it affected her dearly. Whenever she prays she never forget to pray for the Modicademy family. She never complains about her educators or classmates. I am really impressed with her progress keep up the good work and continue to instill love to all the children.


When I think of Christi since she’s been in Modicademy from Gr. R. What a huge blessing it is. One of my most precious memories were when they invited us on Christi’s birthday to come and pray and lay hands on her. That made such an impact on my heart. The teachers around our kids celebrating who they are!! One afternoon I was picking up Christi from school and I was talking to her principle Ma’am Lourin and Christi was running from her classroom very excited to tell Ma’am Lourin something. I thought after such a long day Ma’am Lourin was tired but as I was watching Ma’am Lourin listening to her and the way she spoke to her, kind and gentle, that day blessed my heart, because I could see the look on my daughter’s face and know she was listened to and could say what she needed to say without being brushed off. That made me aware of how I need to speak to her, even If I had a hard or busy day. On the education side I love the work and the way they present subjects and doing projects on the theme for the term. Practical and such a joy to watch the photos on Facebook. The audiblox helps a lot for Christi even though she says it’s difficult sometimes. I can already see the fruit of it. Thank you so much for blessing my daughter from education to being part of her journey. We love every teacher; they are special to us.

Chris and Maureen

Omphile was struggling with English and Maths before coming to Modicademy. He is not struggling with reading as before. He hated bedtime stories and now he enjoys it. I am impressed with the warmly atmosphere of the school especially the morning reception of the children. The handshakes and the hugs gives the children a sense of belonging. I love that the biblical concepts and values play a part in the children’s activities. Omphile has changed a lot since being part of the school he loves the teacher’s and the school’s environment.


In appreciation of all that Modicademy staff has done for our son, Neo, we would like to thank you. It is amazing what can happen when you have caring people who are willing to work cooperatively. We watched him thrive under Modicademy care and he made lots of friends and looking forward to go to school every day. For the time that he has been at Modicademy his behaviour and vocabulary has improved massively. The love and care that the staff is giving him, really helped us shape the development of our son. God answered our prayers and blessed us with Modicademy school and a loving and supportive staff. We couldn’t be any more thankful and happier with everything going on. Our son has improved tremendously right before our eyes.


Since my son, Ezra has been in Modicademy my heart has been filled with blessing upon blessing to see how he has developed academically and spiritually. He has learned the power of prayer for illnesses and provisions. It is amazing to see how he is greeted by the fellow students in his school, as a loved one, not only from the friends in his class but all the classes and teachers alike. This is a school where curiosity is encouraged and not “shushed”. I know my child is loved and cared for every day, whilst he learns to love God and love learning.


Allow us to express our gratitude in light with our daughter’s academic progress. This is because since she enrolled with Modimolle Christian Academy, her cognitive thinking, reading, and language expression (English to be precise) has remarkably improved. We cannot go without noticing that all this happened in no less than two months. We are therefore at most thankful with the decision we took to bring her to Modicademy and believe without any question that it’s with the school that she will be excelling even more. We would like to thank each and every teacher for their hard work and dedication. MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY


Ma’am really words cannot explain my gratitude. Munei is very very happy. I asked him if he wants to go back to his old school. He said definitely not. He’s so happy, he met new friends. The teachers are so wonderful & I’m witness to that. The teachers & the children at the school are so so friendly. I love the school. The setting of the classes are very elegant. The school is actually perfect Ma’am? It shows that everything is God’s work there. God is at the school. Really I can’t stop expressing how happy Munei & myself are. Keep up the good work Ma’am. God be with you always with your family, the school & everything that revolves around you. Thank you so much? Ma’am really words cannot explain my gratitude. Munei is very very happy.


When she started last year she couldn’t speak a full sentence like her age group children she was still doing a two or three word sentence but that changed within two months she started speaking full sentences. She is able to share with other kids. She likes to play and interacts with other children she gets that platform at school to do what she likes. Spiritually she has grown Tshepo is able to pray and even go as far as sharing Lately she wants to reason her way out on following instructions which is a great concern for us parents but we are slowly working on it from home in order to assist educators with it.


Taking my daughter to Modicademy was the best decision ever….my Fumani loves her school. What I like most about the school is the quality of education, morals and the Christ centeredness. I’m sure that my daughter is not being prepared to be just an employee, she is being prepared to lead and be her own boss. Very good and impressive…I would recommend it to anyone who wants high quality education for their kids. FAMILY SCHOOL!


Modicademy has brought out the best in my daughter. She’s always looking forward to go to school. Orefile is so disciplined and responsible. On top she’s gaining confidence each day. She can now happily share with her peers and communicate effectively. We thank the teachers for the wonderful experience they provide for our children.


I cannot express how fortunate and happy I am that Owame is in Modicademy. After the first 6 months of being in Modicademy she could talk, express herself, and she loves to sing. The teachers are friendly, supportive, loving and nurturing towards all the children in the school. The knowledge my daughter has learned and accumulated in over 2 years being in Modicademy is outstanding. The values the teachers are instilling in my daughter is quiet amazing. She looks forward to going to school each and every day.